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What’s a “White Elephant” gift? It’s a silly gag gift usually for playing a White Elephant game!

How does it work? There’s a pile of gifts, one per person who is playing. Everyone draws a number which decides the order they choose a gift from the pile. If you have 13 people/13 gifts, you’ll have numbers 1-13 to draw from. Starting with person #1, they will choose a gift from the pile to unwrap and reveal to everyone. Person #2 can either steal that gift or unwrap a different gift from the pile. If person #2 steals from person #1, then person #1 gets to unwrap a gift from the pile. This continues on until each person has had a chance to steal a gift or unwrap a gift.

You can put other rules on it like: 1) if a person has their gift stolen from them, they have a chance to steal from another person, instead of always having to choose from the pile. 2) You limit the number of times a gift can be stolen. 3) Whatever gift you receive you have to display it in your house somewhere for the month of January. 4) if it’s an item of clothing you have to put it on for everyone to see!

As you can tell, it gets pretty funny depending on the kind of gifts people bring. My husband and I LOVE finding fun white elephant gifts each Christmas! And because both of our families started doing this tradition, we get to choose 4 total silly and fun gifts each Christmas! Needless to say, we’ve spent lots of time researching and browsing silly and fun gift ideas. So the thought occurred to me that I should compile a list of some really good ones we have found for anyone else who likes to do this tradition with their families or for a holiday party. So here ya go! (Most of these range between $5-$19!)

25 Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas


Public Toilet Survival Kit: They’re just being honest, aren’t they?

The Screaming Goat: a figurine that will scream like a goat you’ve seen in those youtube videos and a book about info on goats!

Unicorn Poop: fancy jelly beans that just sound gross to eat.

Crap Taxidermy book: I received this last year as a white elephant gift and it was absolutely hilarious! We’ve even placed it on our ottoman tray for guests to randomly get confused at.

100 Dollar PrintedToilet Paper Roll: it’s everyone’s dream to be so rich they can wipe their butt with dollar bills.

Beer Belly Adjustable Fanny Pack: because we all want to look this attractive AND have it serve practical reasons too!

Adult Achievement Stickers: to pat ourselves on the back with.

Knock Knock Nifty Notes: I personally have a few of these notepads that make me laugh, especially when I give one to the right person! There are 24 different ones to choose from, too!

Women’s Survival Kit: Sure to lighten the mood for the older folks playing this game!

The Farting Animals Coloring Book: because “farts are funny.”

Leg Lamp Nightlight, from “A Christmas Story:” An even more fun white elephant gift if you have fans of the movie in attendance.

Nose Pencil Sharpeners: sharpen your pencil AND dig out some boogers!

Awkward Family Pet Photos: a book full of laughs at the hilarious faces pets make because we make them do things they don’t want to do!

Drink Helmet: for your favorite guzzler friend!

Sound Machine: comes with 16 hilarious sound effects for you to conveniently play when the occasion calls for it!

The Mullet Wig Skull Cap: can’t beat mullets and patriotism.

Moldy Sandwich Bags: a perfectly disgusting fake out to someone you just packed a lunch for!

Edible Insects snack bag: you can always up the ante on this item by saying whoever ends up with it has to try one of the bugs!

Abusive Balloons: humorous and mean sayings to give to the friends who would most appreciate your humor.

Trick Golf Balls (Exploding and Unputtable): the winner of this gift would look forward to the next time they go golfing with someone and can play this prank on them!

Money Soap: We are trying this one this year and I think it’s going to be a hit! Some reviews did say they had a $50 bill in there! But even $1 is more than guests came with, so it’s all fun! The only catch: they have to wait until they use all the soap!

“I Pee in Pools” Trucker Hat: I dare ya to wear this come summer time!

Big Undies: again, another one that would be fun to see the winner wear!

Basket Head Portable Mini Basketball Hoop: yep, you wear it on your head and shoot hoops into it when you’re really bored.

A book on the history of puns, “The Pun Also Rises:” because who doesn’t love a good pun and wants to learn ALLLLL about how it started?

A fun side note

We have also had such good laughs over prank boxes! I think it’s the most funny when you are giving someone a legitimate gift and you need to wrap it in a box. Because WHY NOT pay a few dollars more to put it in a hilarious box they get confused about thinking it’s a real product?! Some of our favs:

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