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Every birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and wedding anniversary, I find myself googling thoughtful gift ideas that I can buy or make for my spouse. The same thing happens when I want to get a “just because” gift for him, or create a special date night for us. Add these up and we’ve got AT LEAST  5 times throughout the year searching for gift ideas.

Over the past few years, I have been keeping track of some awesome finds that interest me or my spouse, and I think most spouses would love too. Soooo I’m FINALLY compiling that list in a blog post to share with you, in hopes that it can help those special occasion or “just because” gifts easier to find!

I’ll also preface these ideas by saying that most of these suggestions are activities, rather than objects because I believe some of the best gifts should come with the opportunity to connect in some way :) So scroll through finding the category that best fits what kind of gift you are looking for!

***Please note that I take the time to research and find items that I would genuinely get for my own marriage. If you appreciate that and other things that Freshly Married does for marriage and family, you can support us through some of these affiliate links below, which earns a small commission.


Have your own Paint-night! These are some beautiful Paint-By-Numbers Kits that are simple for the non-artsy spouse, but still enjoyable for even the most experienced artists. 

Set your place in stone with a Garden Stepping Stone Keepsake that you can personalize and put in your yard. My fav part is you can take these with you whenever you move, and add another one to the collection with each home! This can become like a tradition :)

This crafty idea is a super sentimental one, and goes off the same idea with the garden stone above. Get a Hand Mold Keepsake that will freeze your hands in time :) How cute is this reminder of your love?! I’ve seen several ideas of how people have positioned their hands (couples only or with the kids!) that you can find on this Freshly Married pinterest board.

Scrapbook your life together with this cute “My Adventure Book” photo album/journal that is a replica from the movie, “Up!” I mean, how cute is this?! Especially with the kit that is included with it.




Get Sentimental

The Rememory Game looks perfect for reminiscing!

The Birthstone Wishing Balls have me swooning at how beautiful and romantic this idea can be for your marriage! It comes with 52 papers inside for you to write a message on and put in the ball throughout the year. I think it would be cool to get a ball that coordinates with your anniversary month and write something in each note throughout that year of your anniversary. Then read them together. The messages can be anything! Quotes from funny or lovely things you both said that week, hopes and dreams for each other, or what you appreciated about the other person that week.

I have to include my Fujifilm Instax Camera as a gift idea because it’s created so many cute memories for us, and INSTANTLY, since it prints out your picture within seconds!

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If you already have one of these cameras, get some film to make sure you never run out, especially with the trendy contrasts of the sky blue film and the monochrome film.

Letters to My Love Time Capsule Booklet! Some of the Amazon reviewers say that this gift has been a lovely one for long-distance situations like business trips, or deployment because you have set dates that they can read these letters from you :)


Get Personalized

For the musically-inclined spouse, get them a Personalized Guitar Pick or engrave a special message on it that means something to your relationship :)

Jewelry is necessary to include on a gift list because it can be a timeless and classic piece! My favorites include a special reminder in some way of your loved ones :) I have one that was made for us by a friend that has our initials on it and our wedding date on the back. The customization like this Kate Spade Gold Necklace is where it’s at! Especially with this stunning Gold Charm Necklace, so you can put the initials of your kids and spouse on it!

Take it a step further to personalize it even more with this Etsy shop I found that will engrave your handwriting on a necklace! (P.S. This works PERFECTLY with the 5th year anniversary traditional theme of “wood,” too!)

 Hubby got me this Record Player for my 26th birthday and I absolutely have loved it! Yes, he gets to enjoy it too, but he personalized it by getting me one of my favorite albums.  (P.S. Amazon has added such a fantastic selection of vinyl albums the past two years!).   

I honestly think you could give a variety of ordinary items as a gift and they could be special if you personalize it in some way. Like this Kitchen Cutting Board that is customized with a last name and wedding date!


Get Silly

What I Love About You – Fill in The Love Journal. Since you make this your own, it can be as romantic or witty as you want :)

This Snuggle Pillow will come in handy for when one spouse is away, and you just really need a good snuggle, haha. They make one for the other spouse too!

For the spouse that seems to always be cold, get them their own special blanket and way to stay warm, but make it fun! Like with this Wonder Woman style “snuggie!”

For those who love puns like I sure do, Punderdome game (for a double date night because it’s 3+ players)

Let your spouse earn their bragging rights with these aprons and shirts that have some of those cheesy but true phrases on them.

Challenge your spouse to a duel with Marshmallow Shooters! How fun would that be to plan a big attack on each other and just shoot each other in jest?

Get a Custom Caricature Drawing. Choose a fun memory from your relationship and have it drawn up in a funny way!



The classic idea of sending a bouquet of flowers is a romantic gesture that could lead to more romance ;) Did you know that you can order flowers from Amazon?? My husband got some for me for Valentine’s day through them and they lasted so long!

Get an online Couples Massage Course! Not only will this feel really great and come in handy for years to come, but massage is one of the most suggested ideas for preparing for sexual intimacy.

While you’re at it, grab a romantic set of Flameless LED Candles to set the mood! Not only are these giving you a more safe environment, but they come with a remote so you can flick them on pretty quick!

If you’re wanting to spice things up in the bedroom with something special, try out this edible Chocolate Body Paint that could be a fun bedroom activity ;)

This “Why I Must Have Sex With You” notepad is silly but it’s also a light-hearted way to initiate sexual intimacy! I mean, the reasons it lists are both real, and also hilarious.

Another opportunity to increase your connection and intimacy is with a pre-planned date night! My favorite is Date Night In Box, who I happen to be a contributor with too! You could grab a monthly subscription to show your commitment to building your emotional intimacy each month.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit is sure to be a good time! I actually got this as a gift for a sibling. If hot sauce is a little too much heat for your liking, there’s a BBQ sauce kit I found too! 

Take a local cooking class together. I know that our local Utah grocery store, Harmons, has several locations that host different themed cooking classes. There are also online cooking courses you can take from anywhere, at the convenience of your own home! I found a lot on Groupon so that you can always get a gift certificate towards this and choose a class and time later.

Oreo cookie dippers that make your cookie dunking much cleaner, leaving your hands free for more hand-holding! If you want to make this a “just because” gift, get a package of Oreos and milk to go with it, and have them arranged especially on the kitchen table for a yummy surprise for your spouse to find. :) 

Mini Apple Pie Kit, which is great to bake some mini-sized love in the kitchen together. I like that you can reuse the ceramic skillet for future culinary endeavors :)

The ice cream lovers will enjoy this Ice Cream Maker that works great for smaller space freezers, but still makes plenty for a mid-movie dessert!


Get Sporty

Go old-school like we did a few years ago and get a Nintendo 64 game system to relive your Mario Kart loving days together!

I was surprised to find out that Video Projectors are less than I expected so I wanted to add that to the list! All you need is a white bed sheet to hang on the side of your house and there ya go

Upgrade your porch nights, picnics, or camping by hanging these beautiful String Lights to set the mood!

Make sure to see the list of “40 Two-Player Games You Can Play With Your Spouse” to find a fun game to play! My recommendations: Yahtzee, Exploding Kittens, and Ticket to Ride.

We just got this exact Ladder Toss/Golf game after we played it on our anniversary getaway! It’s been easy to pull out on the fly, and we have used it several times for easy little dates!

Personalized Kite with your initials and wedding date! How cute would that be to fly it every year together?


Get Decorative

Last year I came across The Night Sky, who create wall art from actual maps of the sky… from specific nights… like what your wedding night sky looked like, or your first date sky! And then you get to hang it up in your house as a special memento :)

These Telephone Line pillowcases will remind you to have some pillow talk every night :) 

This Folded Book Art is a home decor piece that can be personalized as a lovely reminder of your wedding day, or any other special day in your relationship!

For the movie enthusiast in your life, enjoy this 100 Movies Scratch Poster of some of the greatest movies of all time! This would be a fun bucket list for you to do together, and gives a new meaning to the classic same old, same old movie date night :)

Show your support in their travel dreams with a Scratch-off Map Poster. The beautiful handwriting and vibrant colors will show with each state you visit!

It’s hard to find something that works for every couple since we are all so unique, but I hope you found at least one idea that fits! Let me know what you think about these ideas, or if you have an experience giving one of these gifts to your spouse!

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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