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The joy I found in my marriage this week: doing service together.

Yesterday we went to a Latter-Day Saint temple together to do some service, since it’s been like 4 or 5 months since we last went.

When we first got married we made a goal to go once a month because we feel spiritually lifted individually and in our marriage when we go. We kept that up for about the first two years, but the past two years it has been about every 6-10 weeks. So we haven’t been sticking to that goal as well as we planned.

Every time we have planned to go the past five months, one of us got sick on the day before because we’ve been trading off between colds, the flu, a sinus infection, and other fun things that don’t make you feel well.

And this time was no different. Both of our heads were dizzy and wanted to explode from all the spring allergies, and I was just not feeling mentally up for doing much. But we went because we didn’t want a thousandth time in a row of not feeling well to stop us from going!

I’m not going to say I had joy in going this time, haha. And I know that is the opposite attitude to have, so don’t judge me on that :) But last night I realized that we don’t always do things because we want to. Sometimes we do things to serve others and that’s what we were doing. Seeing that my husband has the same attitude and being able to do this with him is something I can definitely find joy in :)

What joy have YOU found in your marriage this week?!

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