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The joy I focused on in my marriage this week: that I have the power and influence of Christ in my relationship.

I would say “found” in my marriage like I normally do, but the thing is I’ve always known it. It’s just that I have daily reminders on weeks like this one, preparing for Easter.

In the blog post: “Christlike Attributes and my Marriage,” I’ve shared about the ways that his wonderful examples have positively influenced the way that we interact with each other. And so I won’t go into it too much additionally. You can just go and read that post ;)

Even though this is my project and I can do what I want with it, I don’t want anyone to think that sharing a joy I already knew is a cop-out or something, haha. Some weeks in life and in marriage are just harder than others and we tend to forget important things like this that we already knew. And so I chose to try focusing on this important tool more than I have been :)

But Easter Week and Easter Sunday have come to remind me, always making me feel grateful that I have a brother and Savior in Jesus Christ and that he has died for ME; for all the mistakes that I make individually and in my marriage. And even all the mistakes that I haven’t made yet, but will! He gives healing in those mistakes. He provides comfort in our struggles. And we get to receive that every day.

So yeah, that brings me a lot of joy :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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