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I had a couple of joys I found in my marriage this week. I’ll just share one of them though. I found joy in our outside date night we had this week.

We both took some of the day off for some time with each other and we chose to go to a food truck round-up at our nearby lake. The weather was kind of perfect with it not being too hot, not too cold but just the right amount of breeze. We tried a new food truck and took that yummy food back to the blanket we laid out in our own private little spot on the grass. We brought a date box with us to try and had fun asking each other questions that were included in it to see how well we knew each other already. That was fun because some questions he was supposed to answer about me, I didn’t even know what my answer would be, haha.

Then we took our little push scooters around the lake around to our fav sitting spots :) Scootering around the lake and neighborhood is something we have done since we were dating so it kind of goes back to an activity we feel comfortable in, which I think we needed. Along with that glorious vitamin D, of course!

While we were scootering some metaphors came to me relating it to some hurdles we’ve had individually and together. And do I just love a good metaphor :) I won’t share all those thoughts but I found joy in them.

What joy did you find in YOUR marriage this week?

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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