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The joy I found in my marriage this week: feeling a positive difference in our lives and our relationship.

It’s a good feeling when both of you notice that your interactions and overall days feel different from the past few months. I think one of the biggest things that we both appreciated and found joy in was how we focused more on “listening to understand” when we discussed specific subjects. I’ve always known this principle but sometimes you just need to be reminded, right? :)

Doing this, along with other little changes we have both made individually and together have noticeably brightened our countenance and the way we perceive things, especially the way I perceive things.

It’s situations like this that reiterate how important communication can be, and more specifically, the way we communicate can make incredible changes. Maybe it won’t happen overnight or even in one week, but patterns of good communication can make large changes over time. That’s not only a hopeful feeling, but it brings me joy ;)

What joy did YOU find in your marriage this week?


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