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This weekend, I was able to do something that is #1 on my bucket list after having a family: See U2 live in concert! And we made it happen!  To hear them live made me feel so blessed to be there because I just love and appreciate their music so much!

They put on an incredible and entertaining show for their fans! It was exhilarating, anxious, and wonderful all in one if that make sense? haha. It’s stressful going to a concert in a city you’ve never been in,  as well as a stadium you’ve never been in.  The crowds were numerous and there’s always those few people that feel they have to smoke pot in order to enjoy the concert, and they make the rest of us uncomfortable through it. But hey if they want to smell like a skunk, good for them! haha.

That’s why the joy I found in my marriage this week was my husband being such a trooper in all the concert chaos, hours after traveling on a plane when he hates flying, and on top of some unexpected life curveballs we encountered this week. I don’t blame him, one bit! He helped me enjoy the concert as much as possible and simply made this whole trip happen in the first place so that I could experience this. :)

All of this is something to find joy in :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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