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The joy I found in my marriage this week is seeing the door to parenthood open wider. There were two reasons for this joy.

This has been our first full week with our new dog, Oli. And though Trevor does most of the responsibilities, we’ve both had our eyes further opened to what being a parent is like. Being a “dog parent” I guess you could say, is a great segway into being a parent for a human, haha. I’ve had to learn to ignore his bad behavior (which is seldom because he’s such a good puppy), and I had a stressful night dealing with the “cry it out” method, haha. I kept worrying if something was truly wrong with him when really he was just manipulating me to pull him out of his crate. #classicoli

I’ve also loved seeing Trevor be so patient with Oli, taking care of him in such loving ways that gives me a glimpse into how he will be as a dad. He wakes up a few times each night to take Oli out to pee and has yet to complain about it. He’s even dedicated lots of hours into programming this cool little button that Oli can press with his nose or paw that will signal to us he needs to go to the bathroom. How cool is that? I’m not sure our future children will comply if we tried it out on them, haha, but it’s still very cool!

I also got some great medical news in our process of trying to have a baby! Without sharing all the details that are probably TMI,  I’ll just say that my body is now doing something it wasn’t doing before on it’s own. Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to keep taking Femara/Letrozole, but I’m just relieved I don’t have to up that dosage. This is still a win in my book, which definitely helps me see the door opening to us being parents some day.

Until then, we’ll just enjoy this time being dog parents :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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