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This picture from last October is one of the most fun moments with some of my family members. While the boys were taking pictures with the photographer, the girls were scheming and did a surprise silly string attack on them! It was really funny and it brings me to the joy I had this week. :)

The joy I found in my marriage this week: Effortless, no pressure fun.

That seems like something obvious, and yet it’s something that can be easily taken for granted. When you’ve had a whole bunch of seriousness surrounding you for a few weeks, then yes, you appreciate the fun much more!

Some of the things the past week or so have been video game nights, fun outside chats with family, board game nights and yummy dinners with family,  and other hangouts with friends. You probably noticed that most of the fun stemmed from doing something with other people, rather than just having fun on our own. Well, I’ve realized that’s perfectly fine!

In the past, I have struggled with feelings of, “well how come we laughed more in this hour with so-and-so, than we have this entire week on our own?” It made me feel like an un-fun wife haha. Like we were boring and needed to do more exciting things. And maybe we did need to do more exciting things together, but it’s not about that. It’s about escaping from the seriousness of life that we sometimes create on our own. It’s about taking off the pressure to be fun and happy with your spouse all the time. So yeah, I’m happy to have other people facilitate that fun for us every now and then!

If you’re feeling like you need some of this pressure relieved, then I suggest making your next few date nights be double dates. Do one of the MANY fun summer activities out there and just let the fun happen to you and your spouse. :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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