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One of the joys I found in my marriage this week has been on how I’ve consistently stuck with this project every week and how it has benefited my marriage!

I’m not very good with journaling sometimes, but this particular project and having the blogging accountability to do it has helped me continue it. Not saying that this project has been hard, but I’m not as consistent in my other kind of journaling, haha.


What I want to share this week is a reflection looking back on this project, now that I’m a little over halfway done with it. When I began this project at the first of this year, it started out at truly looking at the little things that created joy in our relationship. I loved this perspective and as I’ve talked about in another blog post called, “The Little Victories,” these small positive exchanges between each other can help us let go of the small negative exchanges.

On the other side of things, however, the big things that are important to a relationship weren’t getting as much attention, which caused me to see the big aspects of our relationship negatively. I caused myself insecurity by not seeing the big actions and moments as clearly as I was seeing the little actions and moments.

Fast forward to now, and I have found a balance between these two ideas. I’ve been able to move my focus into how some little joy is making a difference in a broader sense like last week when I talked about how the little situations with our new puppy are preparing us for parenthood. I have no idea if this has made any sense, as I’ve tried so hard to articulate these feelings, haha. But maybe those who have been following along with the project, or who have been doing one for themselves can relate.

Either way, I plan to continue doing this, and I plan to continue learning and growing in these perspectives of marriage, and what joy truly means in this important relationship. I hope this so far has inspired someone out there to look at their own marriage a little more joyfully!


Keepin' marriage fresh,

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