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This week has been mostly anxiety, over an array of things, people, and situations. It’s put me off my normal self, since last Sunday. For those of you who also deal with this, I’m sure you can understand how frustrating it can be.

In week’s like this, it can be difficult to find something to be joyous about. But I did. I found joy in my husband continuously being patient with me through it. He let me vent my anxieties. He didn’t complain that my chores were way behind. He didn’t complain that each night was very chill at home, not going out. He was patient with me when I didn’t get ready some days.

Again these weeks are hard when either of us experience this but patience is something that can be key in helping a person feel better. I know it helped me feel better. I know I haven’t always been patient with him when he has stressful weeks like this, and so this experience reminded me of how I can improve on that.

Weeks like this are the reasoning behind doing this A Joyful Marriage project. To find joy in your relationship even on days when you are stressed, anxious, depressed, or frustrated with life or with each other. It’s not always easy keeping up with this project. Some weeks I don’t want to do it, haha. And other weeks I’m very excited to think about, write about, and share the joys I find :)

So continue to bear with me here, and feel free to join along in the project yourself! Just use the #ajoyfulmarriage to share it on social media, or feel free to keep it to yourself :) Either way, I hope this post and project is somehow inspiring you to find the positive interactions in your marriage more often. :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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