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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, but primarily this week, how grateful I am to have the husband that I have. He’s very patient with me on weeks that I fall short, where I complain a lot, and don’t do the usual things that I do. And yet he gives me a break, realizing some of the emotional stresses I’m under, and also tries to help pick up my slack.

This is what I believe marriage requires. The willingness to do more than your usual share at times in order to ease the burdens and struggles your spouse is facing. We do this for each other when we each need it, and I’m so very grateful and joyful that we have a marriage like that.

Be more willing

My heart aches for those who don’t sense this attitude of willingness in their marriage. My heart aches that there are still husbands out there who expect their wife to make every meal for them whether their wife likes it or not, or to not help take care of the children when they get home from work, etc. That’s fine if you both agreed to take on these tasks and role, but it annoys me when they demand something that they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves. I think a lot of this has to do with generations who have just grown up differently. But no matter how someone is taught about what a marriage should be, there is always room to be taught something new; something that can actually make your relationship better.

I plan to talk more about this in an upcoming blog post, but for now, I just want to vocalize how great a feeling it is not to live in a “Woman, go fetch me a sandwich” kind of marriage. It brings me a feeling of joy, but lots of relief. 

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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