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Exactly a year and one week ago today we sat on this rock and made an important decision to start trying to have children.

With it being a year of trying and discouragement, it’s technically now considered an infertility journey. It’s crazy how you can talk about infertility with other people and learn about it, but when it becomes more real for you personally, it becomes this really hard thing to say out loud, or even type. So I don’t feel like saying more except to specify a joy that relates to this.

The Joy I found in my marriage this week is one that is hard to put into one sentence. After several months of doctor visits, taking pills that I didn’t like the side-effects of, monthly blood tests, and disappointing test results, Trevor suggested we take a break from all that. So the past few weeks it has been a nice break not worrying about it. And instead, I’ve been able to put my time and effort into The Wives Workshop that I felt could help me feel more confident, encouraged, and inspired than I was. And this weekend holding that event completely did that for me. I felt just as much enriched by everyone who came, and from our other speakers, as I hoped others were in attending it.

Out of all the discouragement I’ve felt the past 6 months, this was what I needed, and I’ve truly felt a renewal and upliftment that I wasn’t anticipating I would feel. This event gave me joy, and having Trevor’s support in it as well his support in taking a short break from thinking about or dealing with the baby journey, has been another joy. :)

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