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The Joy I found in my marriage this week is trying new things.

And this one is going to be funny because it has to do with trying new foods, which I am not very good at. A few weeks ago my husband even said to me, “When I ask if you want to try some of my food and you say, ‘No, I want you to enjoy it” I get that means you don’t want to try it.” haha. I really do want him to be able to enjoy all his food, though, instead of giving me a piece of it that I probably won’t like anyway.

What I’m mostly referring to in talking about this, is that we tried some new restaurants for a date night that he organized and it turned out to be yummy. I love chicken wings, and love trying new places, especially because buffalo wild wings’ quality has been disappointing lately, so we tried Wing Stop and loved it.

Afterwards, we headed over to sonic to grab some limeades. After trying some fresh limeade from a food truck a few weeks ago, we’ve had limeade on our brains, and Trevor didn’t realize all the options that sonic has, even if it may not be as fresh or as natural. Turns out, Trevor doesn’t think he has ever eaten anything at sonic, so he found some things on the menu he was surprised to see and wanted to try. Which is why we went home with limeades and butterfinger custard to enjoy on our porch :)

Also, I have to mention that we pulled out my list of “100 Conversational Questions to Ask your Spouse” and our conversation flowed so well throughout the date. I think we only got through about 4 or 5 questions because of that :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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