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The Joy I found in my marriage this week is simply little surprises that mean so much!

This joy kind of spans over the past two weeks when my husband gifted me with a massage! I really needed it and they are just my weakness. My body needs it. My mind needs it. So this was a gift I was eager to use.

The other “gift” was a computer monitor for my office. It was something that we had just talked about getting, but he just went ahead and found one that would be perfect for me. He even took it out of the box and set it up for me :)

The reason these little surprises meant a lot to me is that someone else gave it to me; HE gave it to me. The massage is a special occasion thing but sometimes I’ll just go get one for myself. And the monitor was something we had just talked about getting for me; something we were already planning on getting. So both of these were things I could get for myself, but the time and effort and way they were gifted to me changes everything.


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