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We got our wedding rings cut off this week. Sounds weird, I know, but it feels even weirder! Both of our rings have gotten tighter since we first got married, making them harder to take off. After my husband was reading on how that can be dangerous to not be able to take off our rings, he decided he wanted to get a new ring and I totally understand.

I wasn’t planning on it when we got to the jeweler, but we ended up cutting my ring off too and are getting it resized. While we wait for a few days until my ring is finished and his new silicon ring comes, our fingers are bare and it feels very unusual because we normally keep our rings on all the time.

If you’ve read this other blog post before, you’ll know I advocate on how important wearing your wedding ring is.  It’s only been a few hours that we have had it off and I’ve already grown a stronger appreciation for the opportunity to wear such a lovely symbol of our love every day. And talking about it on the way home from the jeweler, I found joy in how much we both care about wearing that reminder every day. I found joy in the commitment we gave each other, and joy in that we want to uphold that in a small and yet meaningful way. 

What I won’t have joy in is the 3 seconds of terror when I wake up tomorrow freaking out thinking I lost my wedding ring, haha.

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