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A Joy that I found in my marriage this week is a joy I have felt before, but since it happened a few times this week, I think it’s been on my mind more.

It’s sort of embarrassing to share, but I snore sometimes when I sleep, haha. I’m blaming it on all my sinus issues though! I had sinus surgery about 3 weeks ago, and though I have been doing so much better than we expected, I still have a little bit of inflammation here and there. That inflammation tends to lead to some snoring while I sleep haha, so I kept my husband up a few times this past week with that noise.

In the morning when he informs me that my snoring preventing him from sleeping well, I feel really bad. I’ll even ask, “Did you try to wake me up to get me to stop?” and he says that he did try, haha, which makes me more surprised that I didn’t wake up. It’s annoying for him, I know it because he values his sleep just as much as I do! And yet when he tells me this in the morning, he doesn’t say it in a frustrating way. He says it in a calm and quiet tone. And then he doesn’t hold it against me. I’m grateful for his patience and compassion, and it brings me joy to be married to someone with these humbling characteristics.


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