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It’s getting harder to be vulnerable week to week sharing details about our marriage, but I committed to this project at the beginning of the year, and I know it’s helping me train my outlook on marriage for the better! There are only about 10 more weeks left of this project and it’s so interesting seeing things progress.

I’m definitely a fan of personal exercises or campaigns that challenge you for a period of time in a way that strengthens and improves yourself as an individual. That’s the reason I started this “A Joyful Marriage” project in the first place! I’ve encouraged you to follow along and be thinking of your own joys in your marriage week to week, and I’ve also encouraged you to participate in the project yourself, whether publically on social media or privately. It’s been rewarding to see some people out there do this, or a variation of it, and I’m glad that we have been able to inspire each other :)

For this last leg of the project, I’m gonna focus more specifically on a trait or characteristic between the two of us that tends to bring our marriage joy. Maybe it was demonstrated the week I talk about it, maybe it wasn’t, oh well. I just want to hone in on some specific aspects about us as spouses that continually bless our marriage; traits that we were initially attracted to and continue to be attracted to.

A characteristic of my husband’s that brings me joy, and is something that I admire and appreciate in him, is his willingness to try new foods and basically be the opposite of a picky-eater, haha. It’s a nice feeling knowing that even if your restaurant copycat recipe isn’t that great, he’ll still eat it and tell you it was great, anyway :)

This characteristic of his is one I aspire to have myself because I’m kind of the opposite… a picky-eater, haha. BUT since being married to Trevor, I have tried more foods from his encouragement! I have to be proud of myself for that, just like how proud Trevor was that I went to an Indian food restaurant with him this past week, and even suggested it :) He tells me curry flavors are his absolute fav so I wanted to make it happen for him. Hubby got a pic “as proof that I tried it” and liked it. haha. :)

I’m grateful for opportunities like this that allow us to help enlighten each other to new things. I think that’s such a great part about marriage–being able to grow with someone. Sometimes you are lead by them, and other times you are leading, but it’s growth and it’s beautiful :)


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