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Something I believe both my husband and I find joy in for our marriage, is going out to eat — enjoying quality-made meals and trying new foods.

I know it sounds funny but this is something we care about! I mean, it’s something you do 3+ times a day, so it matters, right?! He loves getting the chance to eat food that I don’t know how to cook well, and I love the opportunity for someone skilled to make us dinner, haha. Don’t misunderstand me here, we know how to make our own food and we do! I make nice meals once or twice a week! But this is something we truly enjoy, and it frees up time for us to spend together or doing more of what we love. So we do this. We have our reasons that not everyone can grasp, especially those who ask how we can afford to get take out or go to a nice restaurant several times a month. :)

We realize that we can only keep up with this for so long when the kids start coming and the dinner bill increases, haha. But at the same time, this is something we truly enjoy, and so we have made it a priority to be able to do over other things.

Every couple has their “thing”

I love that every couple has that thing they both love and they take measures so they can continue to do that thing. For some couples, it’s being able to go on big vacations often. For other couples, it might be a hobby that they continually support. For us, it’s being able to eat out often. Whatever it is for you and your spouse that brings you joy, I encourage you to do what you can to enjoy that often together. I encourage you to save up the funds for it or make sacrifices in order to do it. You both deserve a guilt-free joy together!

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