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I have about 4 more of these blog posts left of this #ajoyfulmarriage project, and I realized I haven’t shared about a major aspect of our marriage that brings us so much joy! It’s one that initially, I felt sad I hadn’t mentioned yet, but realized that this time of year brings it out even more, so it worked out saving it until now :)

Our spirituality brings us me so much joy in our marriage, and I’m pretty sure my husband feels joy from it too.

As a couple, we actively include a higher power in our marriage because the beliefs we have in God is foundational to us as individuals, therefore we feel it’s important to make that foundational within us as a marriage.

Some of the things we do to continue and build up our spirituality: attending our Sunday church services together, praying morning and night together, reading scriptures together, and discussing spiritual thoughts often. I think my favorite thing is hearing us pray for each other out loud, and knowing that we are praying for each other silently within our own prayers. It shows so much love and humility to pray for your spouse, especially in times where you’re actually frustrated with them, haha.

We believe God has a hand in our everyday life, so we want to include him as part of our married everyday life, too. And that is something that we have seen so many blessings from doing! And, you guessed it — we have felt so much joy from it :)

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