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A JOYFUL MARRIAGE, finding joy, marriage advice, marriage help, lds marriage, find joy in marriage

This is going to be the last blog post I write about what new joys I have found in my marriage week to week. Next week’s joy will be sharing my overall thoughts of this project, so look forward to that!

The joy I found in my marriage this week is how we are goal-oriented and encourage growth in each other. One of the ways that we did this is through sharing goals with each other for the new year. I wrote in this article on New Year’s resolutions about how we like to share our goals with each other after Christmas, and it’s become a tradition that we look forward to doing each year!

Though my mind is still focusing on the present of Christmas festivities, I have been also thinking of the goals I have in 2018 for my marriage, for me personally, for my profession, and for my spirituality. I just think those are important areas to make goals in. I talk about why in this article:”Marriage Goals: 3 Reasons Why It’s Important.”  I love that we take the time to share these goals with each other, and even help each other refine them if needed. And then we are both aware to support each other at them throughout the year,

We have our New Year’s marriage goals date night planned a few days before the new year and we are looking forward to doing that at a nice restaurant in SLC called The Roof, that we had to make reservations for back in October, haha. I’m hoping I can come up with some good goals for the new year!

What are your goals for the new year? Especially for your marriage?

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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