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This Valentine’s Day is going to be a little more low-key for us and we like it that way right now. :) However, low-key doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything new or special! Because we want to continue keeping our marriage fresh, right?! We plan to do that by going back to our 90’s childhood and play on our Nintendo 64!!

Trevor has been playing Super Smash Brothers on the 64 with some of his friends and he realized how much he truly missed playing it! So he bought a used one online and we’ve been playing it a few nights the past week :) It’s been a lot of fun for multiple reasons!

  1. He actually taught me how to do moves in Super Smash so I could actually play and enjoy the game! Not only have I been enjoying it, but I am also good at it!
  2. He got me a purple see-through controller, which is my favorite color :) I felt special until it turns out he wasn’t paying attention to the colors as much as the used condition of the controllers haha. But it’s fine because I’m still happy about it!
  3. We BOTH get to enjoy playing it. It’s not something that he only uses so far, and hasn’t turned into the complaint some wives have about their husbands playing too many video games, haha. Trevor has always been really good about not letting video games take over life.
  4. It takes us back to good times in our childhood when we would play, except that this time it’s so much better without three older brothers who rarely wanted to play with their annoying little sister! Instead, he actually really likes it when we play together.
  5. Annnnd last but not least, Trevor’s Valentine’s gift to me was getting us Mario Kart to play on the 64!!!!! This is my favorite video game ever, and I have missed it a lot! A few years ago Trevor and I were able to play it together at a Halloween party and I just craved to do that again :)

Something Fresh and new

So yeah, maybe our Valentine’s Day weekend will be at home instead of out on the town, but we are looking forward to busting out Mario Kart for an all-nighter! I plan on making it more special with some yummy snackies and drinks to munch on during it, and doing some other things that will vamp it up. It’s definitely something special and new to us, so we are content with it, and that’s all that matters.

If you are choosing to stay in this Valentine’s Day, or just do something a little more low-key, that is fine! Do what works with your circumstances and/or preferences. Part of me thinks that we shouldn’t have these expectations to do so many special things on one specific day in February, because we have opportunities to do special things ANY day of the year. Then the other part of me thinks why not?! Why not set a day every year that people for sure have the opportunity to express their love to their significant other in a special way?! Whatever way you swing on that subject, I just suggest making sure you and your spouse are on the same page about it so someone isn’t disappointed come February 14th, haha.

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • I remember when you first posted this, it inspired my husband and I to have N64/fort night and it was seriously one of my favorite dates!! Thanks for the inspiration! Oh and I always use the purple controller, too ;)

    • Purple controller forever :) haha. So glad you find it inspiring and that you also have fun playing video games together! Thanks for sharing :)

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