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I like doing surprise/spur-of-the-moment dates. Especially when they are much needed.

I have had some medical concerns (or you could call them annoyances!) for several months now. (I’m not pregnant, don’t worry, haha.) I’ll have slumps of days when almost any food sounds good to eat, but then I’ll have annoying streaks when I don’t want to eat anything; sometimes it gets to the point of just thinking of my favorite foods makes me want to gag. Sadly, the majority of the time, it’s the latter reason. I hate it when I feel like this because the decision of what to eat is the most annoying decision. Sometimes I don’t know what to make because after I prepare it I don’t want to eat it. Which makes me want to just go to Costa Vida or Chick-Fil-A, which is not good to do all the time. This cycle happens pretty much every day for lunch and dinner, and sadly, more poor husband gets to reap the “rewards” of it as well. :/

The way to a man’s heart

The issues with my body effect what Trevor eats too. Sometimes I don’t make dinners when I’m feeling like this, and if I do they aren’t always so healthy. This pretty much happened every day this last week, including what seemed to be a 5-day migraine, and he put up with me every day. When I finally started a good streak again yesterday, where I woke up feeling OK with the thought of multiple different foods, (including this yummy banana s’mores treat), I knew this was a good day to make it up to him!  So what did I do? I decided to finally cook a decent, yummy, and healthy-ish meal for my patient husband, and take him to a movie! Afterall, they do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ;)

I was seriously so excited all day yesterday, and so was he in knowing I had some special things planned for him. I made a copycat recipe of Rumbi Island Grill‘s Teriyaki Rice Bowls, and it turned out to be amazing! I had some help from Rumbi, in just buying a pint of their hawaiian teriyaki sauce ;) But nonetheless, Trevor was impressed, and loved it! It made me thrilled to see him so happy with a scrumptious healthy meal. And I think he was happy that I enjoyed the meal as well. He is so kind and understanding to me during the bad steaks, and then when a good day comes like this and I can make it up to him, he is so appreciative of it. Gosh, I am just so lucky to have a sweet husband like him!

A little twitterpaited

After dinner, I surprised him with Banana S’mores! They are bananas sliced and stuffed with chocolate chips and marshmallows, then grilled to a melty-goodness. He never had them before, so I thought it would be a fun surprise. It was, and he loved them. :)

We were both loving our date night that I had planned. Every kiss we had seemed more special for some reason, and we got even closer, forgetting about any stress we had going on in our lives, if for only a few hours.

We topped it off by going to see The Fault In Our Stars, and we loved it. And of course, after a movie like that topping off our already amazing day and night together, you could say I’m a little twitterpaited over my husband right now! (cue the girly giggles)

I’m really grateful for a patient and loving husband who helps me through the bad days, and doesn’t make me feel bad when I buy pizza for myself because that’s all I want. He encourages me when I get down on myself on days where I laze around in bed most of the day. And then he tells me to just rest and be OK with not getting my to-do list done because of a fierce migraine. Oh I’m just lucky.

Again, it’s amazing what a sudden date night of a good meal, surprise dessert, and a romantic movie can do. I love my Trevor!

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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