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I don’t know a marriage that doesn’t give cards or love notes to each other for special occasions or even just for no reason at all! They can seem boring sometimes unless you get a funny one, or one that just has that unique factor…

WELL. I’m going to show you how to make the EASIEST unique card you’ve ever seen! It folds and opens in a fun way, you can make at home with supplies you most likely have laying around, and you can embellish it however you want!

Watch the video on what it looks like, how it works, and step by step instructions for how to make it!

Here’s the Tape Glider I use in the video that has CHANGED MY LIFE! And then I’m sharing some of my favorite papercrafting embellishments that you can use to decorate this card! (Can you tell Heidi Swapp is my fav?!) Heidi Swapp Ephemera pack, Heidi Swapp Epoxy Stickers Black, Heidi Swapp Gold Foil Chipboard Stickers, Heidi Swapp Journal Spots.


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