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The joy I found in my marriage this week: We missed each other while on our separate trips. And that says a lot to me.

We both went on separate little trips this past week and we enjoyed them. Trevor’s was for business, and mine was for leisure, haha. We spent only 3 and a half days apart, which felt long for us considering the last time we spent more than one night apart was 3 years ago! So I know that’s not a lot compared to couples that deal with consistent business trips. or long work hours. I guess we are lucky that our work doesn’t require traveling, which is why it doesn’t happen often for us.

When he came back it was a great reunion! Like… running on a beach towards each other in slow motion. LOL. I mean, I was literally waiting on the porch for him, checking his location every few minutes in anticipation just like in the photos above, haha. I know that sounds cheesy but missing each other brought joy to me in 2 ways:

  1. We weren’t wishing for MORE time away from each other. I mean, we all need our days of independence, only having to worry about ourselves and just doing the things we actually want to do, but by day 3 we were ready to be back with each other in our normal routines. Which is why I feel sad when couples want to have long vacations away from their spouse as if they are trying to escape something terrible! Now, there are marriages out there with spouses acting terribly to one another, so I could see why they would want to get away from each other. But if your spouse isn’t a terrible person and you find yourself constantly wanting to spend days away from them, you should probably figure out why and get that worked out.
  2. We appreciated each other’s presence. Sometimes as married couples, I think we can get complacent, or take for granted the time we get to spend with our spouse, the warm comfort of their hugs, the sense of security they bring not being alone, and the help they give with the everyday tasks of chores, errands, or wrestling kids. And so I’m grateful for opportunities like overnight trips to truly appreciate their presence.

What joy did you find in your marriage this week?!

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Let’s help each other find a more joyful marriage :)

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