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A joy in our marriage this week (from my perspective): Getting tickets to see U2 in concert this year!!! It’s not only a joy because they are in my top ten of my concert bucket list, but I was proud of my husband for being willing to fly somewhere to go see them with me.

You see, he hates flying. [Holding his hand on flights (like the picture above) is a common thing with us because of it, and I don’t mind at all!] And this past year we have had two big vacations that required us to be on planes for more than 7 hours, AND both flights flew over the ocean. AND the first flight out of SLC was in the middle of a blizzard at 3 am sooooo that made flying much scarier for all of us. AND we had only been off of one of those long vacations for about 8 days when this opportunity presented itself. Soooo even though this plane ride to go to the concert will only be 2.5 hours long, it was not easy for him to commit to another plane ride, and  I don’t blame him for feeling overwhelmed! His willingness to do something on my bucket list like this means a lot to me. I can see it’s not easy for him but we think it will be worth it ;)

AND we have four months to prepare ourselves!

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