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The joy I found in my marriage this week:  Seeing a month’s worth of progress from working at our goals!

It’s been a month now into the new year, and I have to admit that I didn’t have 100% success every week in my goals. HOWEVER, I can say I have still worked at them and have noticed some differences it has made in my marriage and my own life. And that is the whole point of making and pursuing goals, right?! Seeing yourself progress! 

Sometimes I beat myself up about not being the best I can be in a specific area of my life, because I know it’s something my husband would want me to be better at. Not because he looks down at me for it, and I’m not saying he focuses on my flaws but because he knows that if I am better about doing that thing, it can improve my quality of life. And I know it, too!

Excuses are annoying so I’m not going to make any about why I don’t do the things I know I could be better at. However, I do want to say something to remind me not to get so down about my shortcomings, and maybe it will remind you the same: The commitment I made to my husband on my wedding day said nothing about promising to be a perfect spouse, nor does he expect me to be perfect. Instead, we agreed that we would help accept each other and help lift each other up to be the best we can be. And if I can sit here and say this is something we are striving to do for each other, then I can call that progress. 

If you and your spouse can say you are doing that for each other, too, then you can say your marriage is progressing! And that is what a successful marriage is all about, you guys!

Now take your hand and give yourself a pat on the back because YOU DESERVE IT!

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Join in on the project by sharing a joy in YOUR marriage! Comment, share, post, or hashtag it with #ajoyfulmarriage and there you go! The best part about participating is that not only have you just thought about your marriage in a positive way and gave some public praise to your spouse, but you’ve also inspired a friend who follows you, to do the same!

Let’s help each other find a more joyful marriage :)

Also, there’s an awesome facebook group specifically for wives wanting to strengthen their marriage through discussion, inspiration, and weekly challenges with other wives, and me, of course! Click on the picture and it will take you to the closed facebook group!

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