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The Joy I found in my marriage this week: Resiliency!

Sometimes we have difficult conversations in marriage, simply because difficult situations happen. Ya know? And sometimes they’re difficult conversations over something that is so little, but our emotions get the best of us. That happened twice this week, haha. We get frustrated with each other sometimes but I’m proud to say we were able to talk it out/let our feelings subside fairly quickly.

Resiliency is not easy. When you get into disagreements it can be disappointing because you would love it to just be happy all the time. Even though it’s a normal part of relationships! I know there are bound to be more difficult moments ahead, which is why I’m going to choose to be joyous over it this week :)

Missed Week 7’s joy? Read it here! My husband put together a really sweet Valentine’s surprise for me :)

Join in on the project by sharing a joy in YOUR marriage! Comment, share, post, or hashtag it with #ajoyfulmarriage and there you go! The best part about participating is that not only have you just thought about your marriage in a positive way and gave some public praise to your spouse, but you’ve also inspired a friend who follows you, to do the same!

Let’s help each other find a more joyful marriage :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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