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During a typical week day, there’s a time where my life becomes like an apron-wearing, oven-ready “50’s housewife cliché”. I love this time of the day.

Around 3:30 or 4 pm, my thoughts start to focus on the refrigerator, and pantry, where I figure out what nice meal I can make for us for dinner. Sometimes it feels kind of stressful because I want to make something yummy, fulfilling, and healthy for us, and I’m not always prepared as I could be. Most of the time, I seem to be missing at least one ingredient of any meals I think of making, haha (OF COURSE). Or I lose track of time and miss the crock pot window I originally planned on. But then there are these great days where I have all the ingredients to a meal I know we will both love, and I have the time to cook it. What a great feeling that is :)

So I start making this meal with my music on, and singing along. I try to do the dishes while the food cooks or bakes, and try to clean up my messes too. Sometimes I even have to throw on my apron, which makes me feel even more like a cute little housewife. And while all of this is going on, I await one of my favorite daily text messages: “on my way home.”

For the next 15 minutes, I excitedly scramble to finish up what I’m cooking or have it somewhat ready when he comes home, because I know he is going to be hungry. And then comes one of my favorite sounds (oddly enough): the garage door opening. Sometimes I think I’ll hear it and my heart leaps a bit! But then when it’s the real thing, I count down the seconds between hearing the car door slamming, the garage door closing, and the door knob turning because my husband has come home from work and I just can’t wait to get hugs and kisses from him!

I didn’t realize how much I could love days like this, until they became consistent. I am definitely not dressed up nice like a 50’s housewife is portrayed, wearing a dress and pearl necklace. It’s not expected of me to have a perfect meal ready for Trevor when he comes home, but I do it because I love it. Though each day’s meal situation doesn’t always work out perfectly, I still get this good feeling in my stomach that says, “You are an amazing wife, and you have an amazing husband. Life is good. Let’s eat.” And that feeling gets confirmed when I hear: “Thank you honey, this is really good” at least four times from Trevor during dinner :) (I really am not an amazing cook I just have a husband who is not a picky eater!)

On any given day of the week at about 5:25pm, I don’t mind being a cliché. His happiness to see me, his appreciation, and of course his “Honey I’m home!” kisses are so worth it!

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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