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Author: Trevor Miller

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Yelling is Not Cool

January 22, 2016

Story time When we were living in an apartment still, there was a new family that moved in below us; a wife, husband, and a few kids. Since they moved in, almost every day we heard them yelling. The parents would yell at each other, the parents yelled at the kids, and the kids yelled at…

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January 19, 2014

Yaaay! This is a shout out to all you couples reading this: you are an inspiration to us! We have loved hearing about what you have learned in your marriage, and what you are grateful for about your spouse in the Boast & Brag giveaways…and the other readers loved it too! We want to make Freshly…

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New And Improved Website

January 4, 2014

Hi, Freshly Married friends! You probably noticed that we have been gone for a while. Yes, we were with family. Yes, we were partying it up with Christmas and the New Year and what not…but we were also working on this amazingly awesome new website! Wooo hooo! We hope you like it. Along with the…

The Yin and Yang Of Marriage

December 18, 2013

.   Two IS better than one As you can see by this picture, we are very different in some ways; I am a perfectionist, soft-spoken, and nerdy. Amy is silly, spontaneous, and crafty. I am a web developer at a software company. I love to read. I am a musician. Amy is a customer…