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Author: Trevor Miller

Porn kills love

Pornography: A Huge Threat To Marriage

November 22, 2013

Pornography is one of the biggest threats to marriages and families. Sex is the number 1 topic searched on the Internet (NCPCE Online, “Current Statistics,” Internet, The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reported the biggest factors in divorce cases: – 68% of the divorces involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet. –…

My wife is beautiful

You Are The Most Beautiful Creature On Planet Earth

November 5, 2013

Amy asked me this morning, “Am I beautiful?” I was thinking, “Of course you are beautiful!” But I know many of you women reading this ask the same thing. It’s obvious that many women are self-conscious about the way they look. I learned some disgusting statistics today: In 2012, women had more than 9.1 million cosmetic…

Holding hands

Never Stop Holding Hands

October 13, 2013

What does it mean when you hold hands with your spouse? I remember the first time that Amy and I held hands. We had been dating for a few weeks and were really starting to like each other.  I was shy and didn’t know how to make any moves. Amy could see that I was struggling…