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Author: Trevor Miller

Surgery monitor of my wife's heartbeat

Surgery: One Of Life’s Pause Buttons

September 14, 2013

Amy had sinus surgery this week. I sat worried in the waiting room attempting to get some homework done. After a long wait I  was allowed to go to my wife’s bedside in the recovery room as she groggily emerged from the fog of anesthesia.  I was able to help her eat, get dressed, and…

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I Love Love Notes

August 8, 2013

Amy and I can be a little goofy at times… Actually, pretty much all the time :) One of the goofy things we do is call each other “mine.” I came home to a note on the table today that said “mine.” I love my wife. I am very thankful for the nice little notes…

Cheap dates

Top 10 Cheap Date Ideas

July 26, 2013

Life is busy. There seems to be a never-ending list of stuff to fill our time with: work, school, errands, meal preparation, eating, sleeping, cleaning, exercise, church responsibilities, hobbies, appointments, social activities… You get the point :) Life can easily suffocate our schedules with endless commitments without leaving time for the ones we love most. To avoid…