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Date night at the park!

My husband asks me out on a date every week.

I KNOW RIGHT?! He really is the cutest husband. We had our partial date tonight in the park, having a picnic together. We grabbed the cute woven basket my cute mother-in-law gave us, and packed it full of buns, bananas, and BBQ chicken. It was lovely just sitting on the lush, green, grass, just eating, talking, and laughing. Trevor makes me giggle so much. He serenaded various songs to me in this silly voice he does, and it was just music to my ears!

You may think that having a date a week is hard to do, especially if you have children. It isn’t all that hard if you look at a date as almost anything you do with your spouse! I love turning the little things into something, and calling it a “date.” I forgot an item at Macey’s the other night, and we made it a little somethin’-somethin’ by walking back to the store together. A few times when this has happened, we have grabbed Kong Kones and ate them on our walk back home. I love those little dates, because to me, it’s the little things that matter. I mean even tonight, we were going to be eating dinner anyways. Something we do every day was turned into something by taking a little extra time to pack that dinner, and take it to a unique setting, making it a little extraordinary. Extraordinary is my favorite kind of date.

Where are we going now. you ask? “BACK to the future!” (part 3)

p.s. if you didn’t get that last part, you need to call Robert Zemekis and watch a fantastic movie trilogy called “Back to the Future.” NOW


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