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A Joyful Marriage – Week 45

November 13, 2017

Our church offers a Sunday school class on the topic of marriage and family, and the lesson yesterday reminded me of something in our marriage that brings us joy: the value we see in each other. I wanted to share this interesting object lesson the teacher used and why I loved it! One of the…

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A Joyful Marriage – Week 44

November 6, 2017

I like to think my DIY skills and creativity bless our marriage for the better :) If we’re talking about it bringing joy to my marriage, it sure does because I fully enjoy doing little thoughtful surprises/projects like this one I did for hubby this week. We have this thing called “ultimate couch bed” that…

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A Joyful Marriage – Week 43

October 30, 2017

A characteristic about the both of us that brings me joy in our marriage is that we both are practical thinkers. This may seem like a boring trait to find joy in but if you are a person who struggles with anxiety and worries over little things, it could cause more anxiety to be with…

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Important Thoughts on Success and Failure in Marriage

October 24, 2017

I was recently reading an old interview with actress Jennifer Garner in Vanity Fair on her marriage to Ben Affleck. As you probably know, they split up after ten years of marriage, sadly. It’s something that I can tell she really wanted to work out, especially already having a previous divorce under her belt. She…