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children, waiting to have children, playing at the park

Some People’s Kids

September 8, 2013

We aren’t quite sure about how many kids we will want to have, when the time comes. The funny part is that Trevor wants two, and I think that I like three! What’s even more funny is that every now and then, we come across a scene that could give us a great reason to…

Date night

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

August 18, 2013

Well folks, we have drawn a name out of the hat, with a winner to announce for our Boast and Brag Giveaway! Thank you so much for everyone who entered with your wonderful comments! We love hearing all of the great things that your spouses are doing to strengthen your marriage. It not only strengthens…

Newlywed dentist visit

Dentist Dilemma

August 11, 2013

Our dear, dear parents have paid for full insurances on our health, dental, and vision care all our lives… Until now. We’ve been getting our dental work in this summer, while we have insurance through Trevor’s company, and WOW! What a confusing puzzle insurance is. I never knew everything that goes into making sure you…

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I Love Love Notes

August 8, 2013

Amy and I can be a little goofy at times… Actually, pretty much all the time :) One of the goofy things we do is call each other “mine.” I came home to a note on the table today that said “mine.” I love my wife. I am very thankful for the nice little notes…