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Category: Dates

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Date Night Pressures

August 11, 2016

Everyone knows that I’m a big promoter of date night. Especially with my giveaways. I just believe that it’s important to have time together alone with your spouse. :) But I don’t want to give anyone the idea that your time together has to be epic enough to be given the “date night” title. Date…

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Cafe Rio Date Night Giveaway

August 9, 2016

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Many of our summer nights lately have consisted of take-out dinner. Somehow it’s mostly Mexican food, too, which means Cafe Rio :) We like going to the restaurant itself occasionally but sometimes we are just too pooped from the day, and just want to eat it at home while we watch Monk :)…

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Instax Mini Camera Giveaway

June 20, 2016

***Giveaway closed.***    Winner listed at the bottom of the post  This week my focus is on the importance of recording the memories in marriage! I talk about how important it is to journal the little details here, with 10 ideas for how you can do that! I also wrote here about how important it…

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Intentional Double Dating

May 18, 2016

Our time is very valuable as married couples, individuals, and parents. Weekends seem to be dispersed between your own events and obligations, family events, or just plain staying home on a Saturday night relaxing! If you got kids, throw in their games and activities, too. So when it comes to date night, it’s rare for…