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Category: Forgiveness

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An Affair is an Extremely Stupid Idea

August 23, 2015

You may not have needed me to tell you that but there are 39 million people in the world and I’m sure millions more, who needed to be told that this week. I’m always thinking about how current events are affecting marriages, so of course I have been thinking about this whole Ashley Madison hack recently….

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The Honeymoon phase

November 25, 2014

When you think about a typical honeymoon (or look back on your own honeymoon), it’s a pretty great experience :) This picture is of us on our honeymoon to Park City; a.k.a Our best vacation ever!  Honeymoons are full of fun, low-stress, and are fairly worry-free because the happiness of being together outweighs everything. That…

The Four Horsemen

September 14, 2014

*This post contains affiliate links.  A research team under John Gottman, a well-known expert in couples research, found that, “the success or failure of a marriage depends not on whether there is conflict, but on how conflict is handled when it does occur (Walsh, 2012).” Because of that, Gottman has addressed the mistakes we make…

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We Are Family

October 15, 2013

I love the word, “family.” There are so many emotions and meanings that encircle this word: The feelings of love, comfort, home, dependability, kindness, humor, and humility, are just a few to name. I have learned a few things in my life about families, especially recently. Every family is different Every family has some sort…