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Category: Funny

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Who Wears The Pants

February 17, 2016

Hi. We are married and we both wear pants. That sounded funny huh? Well I’m just making fun of the stupid saying “Who wears the pants in your relationship?” because I hate it. Last time I checked we both wear pants, except on Sundays when I’m usually in skirt or dress ;) But seriously, though! I…

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Good Things Come

February 11, 2016

And by good things, I don’t just mean that it opens the opportunity for sex! haha. I think that by ending your night with a kiss sets you up for good feelings before you go to sleep. Good feelings or bad feelings can be the difference between staying up all night or having a beautiful…

ironing, wife who irons, i iron for you so I must love you, hating ironing, i hate to iron, my iron sucks, ironing my husband's shirts

The Iron: Part 2

July 1, 2015

Remember how I was so frustrated/annoyed/intimidated/scared of my iron? hahaha yeah so this started the very beginning of our marriage. It was actually my very first post, too! Basically, ironing was a stressful ordeal for me and became so much more difficult than it should have been. I was even more bugged about it because…