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Category: Journal

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A Joyful Marriage – Week 49

December 12, 2017

We have been feeling some joy this past week and I’m not quite sure how to sum it up into one word, but I think it could be summarized into patience and clarity. Patience usually is not a joyous word, haha, but it is when you have achieved patience, right? Well this weekend we got a…

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A Joyful Marriage – Week 46

November 20, 2017

A quality in our marriage that brings me joy is our ability to count our blessings. We are good at that. And I don’t mean that in the literal counting sense, as if we are keeping track and pouting if we didn’t have as many as we did last month, lol. I just meant that in…

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A Joyful Marriage – Week 45

November 13, 2017

Our church offers a Sunday school class on the topic of marriage and family, and the lesson yesterday reminded me of something in our marriage that brings us joy: the value we see in each other. I wanted to share this interesting object lesson the teacher used and why I loved it! One of the…