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Category: Spotlights

Newlyweds, marriage, newlywed help, relationship advice, spotlights

The Berecz Family

March 16, 2014

My husband and I met when we were out at a club dancing. To be honest, I thought he was a bit creepy at first, but by the end of the night I started to really like him. I ended up giving him my number, and the next day we went out for lunch together….

newlywed couple, marriage advice, newlywed advice, newlywed help, newlyweds speak out

The Shock Family

February 23, 2014

Brady and I met through a blind date. It was a Harry Potter party and we dressed up for it. It was so much fun! I loved it. He was the first guy who made me wait for our first kiss, and that showed me that he actually cared about a relationship. He was definitely…

temple marriage, married couple, marriage advice, newlyweds, newlyweds speak out, newlywed advice, relationship help, relationship advice

The Haughton Family

February 12, 2014

My husband Barrett and I have been married for a year now:) and we’re sealed together in the Redlands Temple, California. I was a new convert to the LDS church when we started dating, and I’m so grateful to have him in my life! We have both become such stronger people and grown so much….

The Porter Family, newlywed advice, newlywed spotlight, newlywed advice, relationship help, relationship advice

The Porter Family

January 25, 2014

We spent the following two years dating, enjoying life, and spending as much time together as possible. August 18, 2012 my sweet love and I were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We chose that temple because it was the first temple we ever visited together making our day that much more sweet. My husband…