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Category: Spotlights

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January 19, 2014

Yaaay! This is a shout out to all you couples reading this: you are an inspiration to us! We have loved hearing about what you have learned in your marriage, and what you are grateful for about your spouse in the Boast & Brag giveaways…and the other readers loved it too! We want to make Freshly…

The Savage family kiss on the cheek. newlyweds, newlywed experiences, sharing newlywed experiences, sharing married experiences

The Savage Family

January 15, 2014

My wife and I have been married just under two years. We met in High School though we didn’t date at that point because she was a freshman when I was a senior. I spent a couple years as an LDS missionary and then when I came home, realized how beautiful and bright she was….

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The Acker Family

December 4, 2013

  In the short time we have been married, we have learned so much about marriage and about each other.  One important thing that I have learned is COMPROMISE!! Compromise is so important, especially if you and your husband have different interests, like Josh and I do. When Josh and I got married, we promised…