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Category: Videos

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Prize Contest Celebrating Video Course!

March 13, 2018

The day before I came down with a nasty influenza I announced my video course: “How to Navigate Your Differences.” I also said that to celebrate I was going to do an awesome giveaway prize, and then… well the flu. Haha. And then it was my birthday so here we are now! I just want to say…

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Video: Books I Recommend For Sexual Intimacy Help

April 5, 2017

*This post contains affiliate links. In March I did a live video on Facebook talking about different books on sexual intimacy that I would recommend to couples. There was great feedback on that video, and it sounded like several people appreciated it! So I wanted to make sure it was published on my website for…

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A Unique and Easy Homemade Card

February 9, 2017

*This post contains affiliate links. I don’t know a marriage that doesn’t give cards or love notes to each other for special occasions or even just for no reason at all! They can seem boring sometimes unless you get a funny one, or one that just has that unique factor… WELL. I’m going to show you…