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I didn’t think I would come across this dilemma so soon after marriage. I thought we were pretty great at this, and wouldn’t struggle with it as much as we have been lately. It’s something that I thought I might have a hard time with when we have kids, but nope. It’s already a struggle at 9 months of marriage.

What is this problem, you ask?

Meals. Yeah I thought you might laugh. It does seem like a first world problem, but it’s a dilemma I face three times a day, and this is why:

When Trevor and I first started making meals together, while we were engaged, we got into a nice groove of some great dishes that we both enjoyed, we were pro at making, or that were inexpensive. For whatever reasons of why we enjoyed them and made them often, we had a nice list started, and didn’t seem to run out of ideas on what to make. Then when we got married, those meals were improved, and other new recipes were added to the list. But now, it seems like we are getting tired of the same old meals. I’m sure this is inevitable part of being a wife or mother.

It also doesn’t help that I’ve had some on-going medical issues the past two months, that have caused me to have certain food aversions that have gotten to be very annoying. And on top of that, I now have some restrictions on what I should be eating, which hover in the back of my mind every time I think about what to eat. My thoughts on a daily basis go like this: “Great, that bowl of cereal I just had, contained a kajillion grams of carbs.” or “I had bread as part of my lunch, so I should rule out any dinner ideas that require rice or breads tonight.” And: “My once favorite salsa? Oh gosh, I think I’m going to throw up just thinking about it.” And then when I think I’ve got the answer, I’ll get a thought like this: “Well gosh, this doesn’t have vegetables in it, and we haven’t had any today.”  It’s like having this giant pinterest board of meal options, that gets cut in half with each restricting thought. It’s frustrating. This is the point where a bowl of cereal starts looking real good.

Trevor is soooooooooo patient with me through all of this, with an emphasis on “sooooooooooo.” He is not a picky eater in the first place, and then he’s so cooperative and understanding with my daily changing cravings, or lack thereof. It gets to the point where he just lets me choose what we have for dinner and he will eat whatever it is. What a trooper. I tell him every day how I appreciate his understanding and patience with me through this. I’ll say it again Trevor, “I’m sorry for my annoying food issues!” I feel bad that my pickiness, lack of great cooking skills, and current situations affect him, and affect my role as a wife.

What’s the solution?

So I guess you could say, we are in a food “rut”, even aside from the things going on with me. Again, I realize that this is a first world problem, because we have food that we can afford to buy, but it is a big thing weighing on our minds recently. Because again, it’s a decision we make three times a day. We need ideas of how to mix things up or try new meals, and pinterest and cookbooks are only getting us so far. I’ve been working hard on finding some new meals, as well as trying to get over my picky habits, and I will continue to work on it. If anyone has ideas, let us know. Hopefully the next time I bring up this subject, I’ll have some tips for those of you in a similar situation like us. However long it takes, I know it will be a way that I can freshen up my marriage!

Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • What is the relation between being a wife and a cook? Can Trevor not do the cooking sometimes? Your role as wife is not confined to a kitchen or a stereotype.

    • Hi Layton! Yes, Trevor definitely cooks in our family :) Trevor just happens to let me make the decision on what we have for dinner, because I’m a lot more picky, and I’ve had to stay away from certain foods recently. It’s not about who cooks, because we both do. It’s a matter of what the heck are we going to eat! He’s a trooper and will eat whatever I am feeling like that day, and he helps make it, too! Thanks for sharing your opinion, as I don’t believe in that stereotype either.

  • We just hit our 9 month mark too! I feel like you wrote this from reading my mind though because I’ve also had some problems with certain food groups and we’ve gotten bored with meals so here are some things we do that helps keep dinner “fresh”:

    *Menu board – My husband made a menu board from a piece of steel and chalkboard paint that hangs in our kitchen. We use Thursday or Friday as our planning date night and on that night we write out a menu for the next week, using items we have in the house first. From there we make our grocery list and when we get home from shopping I re-write the menu for the week and always have a spot for alternative meals in case something doesn’t work out (its usually easy things like breakfast for dinner, chicken salad sandwiches, frozen pizza… yeah we just keep them in the freezer because you need them sometimes)

    *Make a list of meals you like – I keep mine on my phone so when we are shopping or making our meal plan we can refer to it quickly but this has been so helpful. Sit down and write down any and every meal you can come up with that you both like to eat.

    *Pintrest – I made a board with recipes I really wanted to try and another for ones that actually worked. I try to make one new recipe a week hoping we can add it to our list of meals we like and the board of recipes that worked. Having the board of meals I’ve never made helps us try new things and keeps us from getting bored with dinner.

    • Gina! I’m so glad to hear that someone else is in my same boat! I like your ideas. We have also found that writing down all the meals we enjoy, does help in the decision-making and the planning. Pair it with our grocery list, like you said, and the decision-making becomes easier. I have found it’s nice to review that list often, like you said. And Pinterest- YES. What would we all do without it? Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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