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My husband and I tried out different date boxes to give you an idea of what each one offers! This blog post is sharing our experiences with the “Date Night In” date box company, giving you better insight into what their boxes are like. If you are unfamiliar with date boxes in general, read this previous blog post explaining everything about them – what they are, as well as the pros and cons.

This date box was given to me at no cost to try out, knowing that I would be giving my honest opinion about my experience with it. My opinions are my own, and you get to do what you want with my opinions! I’m just here to give you a peek inside how worth it these different kind of date boxes are, in case you are looking for monthly help in this department :)

With each date box I talk about, we looked at in each experience was the following: how entertaining, how connecting, how expensive, and how professional each service is.

Date Night In Theme: To the moon and back

date night in, date night in boxes, date night ideas, creative date night ideas, to the moon and back date night, to the moon and back date, date night in to the moon and back, date box review, date boxes, what are date boxes, are date boxes worth it, galaxy cookies,, make your own illuminaries,


  • A little instructional booklet, cookie dough dry mix, ghiradelli hot cocoa, battery powered lights, white bags for illuminaries, cookie cutters, and a star registry certificate for the official “Date Night In” star! (how cool is that?)


  • Upon opening this box, I was quite excited about the theme and seeing everything that it included! This activity had to do with something I’ve been telling Trevor I wanted to understand more about – constellations. So it was right up my alley.
  • We were hoping to do this outside but the weather was not permitting. Which was OK because the activities work great in either setting, and the specify that.
  • The instructional booklet was super helpful and professional, and I really liked that all of the activity details, instructions, tips, and recipes were all in one booklet, so it truly felt like we just should follow the booklet page to page.
  • The cookie dough mix surprised me with how good it tasted for just adding water! However, in order to make proper cut outs with the dough, we had to use some flour to help it not be so sticky. I like that the mix doesn’t make 2 dozen cookies so that you don’t overeat, either haha.
  • I liked the Spotify playlist recommendation, it added to the ambiance and the theme, very well.
  • We created luminaries with fuel cell candles based on the constellations of Perseus and Andromeda, and it was neat to include a history of their love story to inspire the night! If you want the luminaries to be stronger though, I would suggest putting in a larger candle and making bigger holes in your bag.
  • This one had fewer activities focused on talking and connection, which could be seen as a pro or a con. Not every date night has to start with conversations, though. Sometimes you just need some interesting activity and the conversation can flow from there, which is what happened with this activity. 
  • The star-gazing was super fun! I would recommend paying for the upgraded star chart app though, so you can learn more about individual stars you see, but overall the whole thing went together so well!

date night in, date night in boxes, date night ideas, creative date night ideas, to the moon and back date night, to the moon and back date, date night in to the moon and back, date box review, date boxes, what are date boxes, are date boxes worth it, galaxy cookies,, make your own illuminaries,

Details about Date Night IN

  • They offer month-to-month boxes or subscriptions of 3 months, 6 months, or a year, with prices ranging between $42 to $380.
  • They give a good description of an example date night box they have done, and then reference that you can see their social media platforms for pictures of past date night themes they have done.
  • I LOVE that they have created custom spotify playlists to give you a “soundtrack” to your date night, reinforcing the theme’s atmosphere again.
  • They also have boxes for a mom’s night every month for moms to enjoy themselves, as well as faith boxes that focus on cultivating your relationship in your religion, whatever that may be.
  • The shipping is included in your price of the box.

My overall thoughts and recommendations: This is a company creating fresh date nights that not only are polished in the complete theme and design but make it so user-friendly with their step by step booklet! Which is PERFECT for the husband who wants to put together a date night surprise but needs help in the dinner, activity, and planning area. No matter who is getting this box, I think couples won’t be disappointed in their experience!

Update: Over the past few years I’ve gotten several comments that subscription cancellation is difficult with this company, and that customer service was hard to work with. Obviously, that wasn’t my experience. 

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Keepin' marriage fresh,


  • I had a similar negative experience. This was a gift and had to spend more to use up the entire gift certificate. I was not happy and didn’t think the items we received for the 1st month’s box were worth it, but it was technically a gift and also cannot be returned. I still have the 2nd and 3rd month boxes unopened. They do not accept returns. A 3-month auto-renewal subscription was subsequently billed. Their website is difficult to navigate to find anything, and deceptive with only a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription options that apparently auto renew until cancelled. Even though I caught it a day later due to an alert from my credit card company, canceled it, and the order not processed or shipped yet, they would not cancel my subsequent 3 months of “auto subscription.” I understand to an extent not to be reimbursed this current month’ s shipment, but the future shipments? Those are 2 and 3 months away! I can’t even imagine the sentiment of those customers who were scammed into the 6-month and 12-month auto renewal that were also probably gifts, which are not refundable.

  • Datebox seems fun at first…until you try to cancel or have some other issue. Their customer service is terrible. We canceled our subscription, and we had a screen shot to prove that we canceled, but they still sent us another box. We gave them our proof of cancellation but they would not reimburse us. I strongly recommend using a different dating service other than datebox. Go with DateNightIn or CraftedWithLove.

    • My experience was similar. I ended up having to have my credit card blocked because Date Night In refused to cancel the autorenewal of my subscription (of which I was completely unaware until the charge hit my account). Their marketing is extremely deceptive—they give “three-month, six-month, and twelve-month options,” but that simply means you’ll pay either in larger or smaller chunks. No where (until the ambiguous fine print at checkout) do they mention that subscriptions billed as lasting a certain length of time will continue renewing until cancelled. Stay away from this company!!!

  • The boxes themselves were ok, a little over priced. But they automatically renew the subscription without reminding or warning you. And then will not cancel it. Their customer service is not helpful or easy to get ahold of.

  • My daughter received your Date Night product as a bridal shower gift. It is the most ridiculous and wasteful gift anyone could give. The items, games are more geared for children. So disappointed with this product and it’s price tag for what you receive. Do not waste your money gifting this product.

    • Hi Gina! I’m sorry you felt that your daughter’s gift was disappointing. Every box I have received hasn’t felt at all like you described. The activities and items included for the activities are meant to create a fun connecting evening for a couple.

  • Hi Amy

    Where did Tara’s comment go? I only see your reply to her..

    I just received my first date box and am disgustingly disappointed… We got two 6×8 canvas panels, some acrylic paints, cake pop mix, and a small roll of decorative tape. NO instructional booklet and no baking directions for the cake pop mix. I posted pics on my IG: @xjowita and reached out to the company on there and via Facebook.

    Your box seemed fun although was it REALLY worth the $40 price tag? I mean, come on. Again, I’m super disappointed because I easily could have purchased my items from my local Walmart or Target for under $10.

    Scam scam scam.

    • Hi! I’m sorry your date box experience wasn’t what you expected! That’s definitely something you can take up with them. They always come with booklets or instructions of some sort so it must have been an unfortunate packing error.

      The concept of date boxes is to provide you with an already prepared activity rather than you having to go out and get all those materials yourself. I’ve asked myself similar questions of whether or not it could be worth the price tag, and I honestly have to tell you yes. It might seem like the materials could be purchased for cheap on your own, but I ask myself if I would have taken the time to gather these things myself, organize it, and plan it like they have, and the answer is probably no! It’s their way of trying to make date night easier for people so it actually gets done, ya know what I mean?

      I hope that helps in your decision to enjoy date boxes in the future :)

    • It really was! I mean, the design and seeing what was included gets you excited, but then actually experiencing it yourself meets your initial expectation! Thanks Amberly!

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