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Newlywed dentist visit

Our dear, dear parents have paid for full insurances on our health, dental, and vision care all our lives… Until now.

We’ve been getting our dental work in this summer, while we have insurance through Trevor’s company, and WOW! What a confusing puzzle insurance is. I never knew everything that goes into making sure you don’t pay a million dollars for small medical services. I mean, just in choosing a dentist, you have to carefully choose a great dentist, while also double-checking that they carry your insurance.

Preventative care is fine. 100% coverage?! Sure, I’ll take it!

But then you find out you have cavities… Shoot.

After spending so many minutes on the phone with our insurance company, and consulting back and forth with my dental group, I have realized three things:

  1. Dental insurance is a foreign language when dental terms like, “amalgam,” and  “composite bicuspids” are being said left and right. UHHHHH, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!
  2. Our parents are such troopers for dealing with these situations a thousand times for themselves and their kids all these years.
  3. Of all of the responsibilities that come with being an adult, and being a married couple, this is just ONE of many responsibilities we will have to deal with.

We are very blessed to have insurance, to help cover these average healthcare services, so we shouldn’t be complaining too much. I have it down pretty well now, and understand the way it works a little better. But this experience will always be deemed one of our first “Welcome to the real world” moments!

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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