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Trevor and I really enjoy having awesome TV shows to watch. We’ve already made that known in a previous post, where we spent most of March inside, while trading off being sick. There’s only so much you can do when you don’t feel well, right? But then what about the days that we feel great? Is it bad to enjoy a few episodes of a TV show? I mean, we all do it! Especially newlyweds. (Thank goodness for Netflix, haha.) I think sometimes, Netflix and all the other on demand options can be a blessing and a curse.

Please don’t get us wrong, we don’t spend all our evenings watching hours of TV. We have other projects we enjoy working on. One of my favorite things is turning on music in our office/craft room, where he works on his computer projects, and I do some sort of craft or art project. Sometimes we’ll play games, or make food together. And yes, we do go outside, and yes we do go on dates! We like to find a balance between projects, tasks, and relaxing on the couch, so we decided it’s best in moderation. Moderation in all things, right? However, if you need an “excuse” for staying inside and watching TV with your spouse, you can borrow one of these…

Five excuses for watching TV and/or movies

1. Winter. I try to avoid driving in the snow if I can help it. Walking is great, but I’m a wimp in the cold most days. Sometimes, the best dates during the winter time are inside, keeping warm by cuddling up to a movie or TV show. That’s like the default thing to do, haha.

2. Relaxing. We’ve been in the work-mode for 9 hours, so it’s nice to unwind and escape from that stress, with a few episodes of a great TV show.

3. Inexpensive. Movie theater tickets on a weekend night can be pricey these days, so we don’t go that often. Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox, and Hulu are our alternatives that don’t cost an arm and a leg. And sometimes it doesn’t cost a dime, if you share…. (Thanks to my in-laws, who let us use their Netflix! haha)

4. Under the weather. What else are you going to do when you don’t feel well? Movies help take your mind off the pain, too! I rarely feel bad about us staying inside because for these reasons. That’s what we should do anyways! [Trevor’s allergies have been so bad lately that it has gotten to the point that we avoid going outside often, or his head will explode.  So until nature is done blooming, we’re putting on hold our tennis matches, slam-dunk contests (JK we just play HORSE haha), picnics in the park, and all the other fun outdoor activities.]

5. Just because. Sometimes, we just want to have a movie-marathon. Sometimes we just have to know what’s going to happen next in our current TV show. In this case, we just do it, and enjoy it.

We are looking forward to the fun that comes with summer, because it opens up more activities, events, and chances to cross off more things from our bucket list. But we won’t stop watching our TV shows in between. So we’ll continue to use some of these excuses when we do ;)

Tell us what you and your spouse’s favorite TV shows are, and how you balance enjoying them without being couch potatoes all the time!


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  • My husband and I are netflix watchers as well! We got addicted to the show “Numbers”. We have different tastes in shows that we truly enjoy, but that one has a bit of both of our tastes! We also both enjoy Big Bang Theory and own all seasons that are out so far!

    We used to watch episode after episode but now moved the wii out of our bedroom and to the living room. In the bedroom we can only watch DVDs, and it is more so for the sick days. Lol

    By doing this it has been much better for us and or binge tv watching. We now take time to read next to one another, play games, or go for a walk outside instead.

    Doesn’t mean we can’t watch tv still, but by being in the living room as opposed to the bedroom, Tom (my husband) and I have been able to control the amount of episodes we watch. :)

    • Those are great alternatives, that we like to enjoy as well! I definitely think sometimes it’s oK to have binge nights like that, but that’s a good idea! Thanks for sharing!

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