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I want to gear this #freshfridays quote towards our emotions. No one is in control of our emotions except for ourselves. So when we react terribly towards something our spouse says or does, we have to own that. That’s why I love this quote, reminding me that I get to choose how I react to a situation, but that my choice is also important.

There’s a few types of choices, I believe. I can choose to pout and give the silent treatment to my husband, or I can choose to forgive and let it go. This is like an ‘all or nothing’ choice that takes lots of practice in choosing the latter ;) Other times we can feel great hurt towards something our spouse says or does. And you have the right to feel that and have time to process it. In this situation, your choice could change to: yelling hurtful things back at them, or saying calmly: “I feel hurt right now and I want to process this before we talk about it further” and you can go in another room for awhile or something.

I believe our choice is the difference between maturity and immaturity; humility and selfishness; and maybe the difference between a good night or a bad night. Of course, we won’t always be perfect at being humble or mature in every situation. And in that case, you then also have a choice on whether or not you’ll apologize for reacting like that, haha :) I suggest to take a minute or even ten seconds to listen to your thoughts before you make your choice :) #choosewisely

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