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This is the beauty of marriage right here. I remember being single not having a consistent person to rely on. Yes, I had loving family and friends but they also have their own lives and their own problems. In marriage, though, your spouse becomes your number one priority and so you get to experience that loving feeling of being taken care of.

There are days where I feel bad that my husband has to deal with my bad days whether I’m either emotionally down in the dumps, or just not feeling well physically. I especially feel bad when it happens multiple days in a row, which has happened OFTEN since we got married.

I never had surgery until I was engaged to my husband and since then I’ve had 3 surgeries and 2 procedures. Ever since I got married it’s been one thing after another between sinus surgery, wisdom teeth removal, food allergies and esophagus issues, to reproductive issues. Though it could be much worse, I never thought I would experience this many health issues in such a short amount of time. So you can most definitely assume I have had SEVERAL moments where I have felt like this weak thing my husband has to take care of all the time.

I know there are several spouses out there that can relate to this. So I want to make you feel better by reminding you that It’s OK. That’s what we signed up for when we said: “I do.”

Though we don’t want to take advantage or go too long without taking turns at being the strong one, it’s important to let your spouse help you. It’s a humbling practice to realize you don’t know everything, or you can’t do everything on your own.

Embracing these times between strength and weakness is such a good exercise in selflessness. I mean, how else are we going to keep up our loving relationship, if we don’t have opportunities like this to serve each other?! 

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