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There are many choices and decisions to make that come throughout every marriage. Which is why I love this #freshfridays quote.

When we make choices based on our fears it’s coming from a place of doubt. But when we make choices based on our hopes, it’s coming from a place of faith. Total opposites that can greatly change an attitude and even an outcome, right?

I’ve been working on changing this way of thinking for myself lately. I tend to put my “worst case scenario” thinking hat on a lot, Haha. Which not only prevents me from enjoying the here and now, but it coerces me to make poor decisions based on a situation that may not even happen in the distant future or EVER.

Positivity > Fear

Fear gets you into trouble. I’ve had to learn that it’s good to be cautious and prepared, but you can’t sit in that mindset for too long or else faith and hope can diminish.

It’s annoying to be told “chin up!” when in the midst of a trial that hits you to the core, or when you have to make tough choices in your marriage. But I do believe that looking at the future with a positive and hopeful attitude and trusting your relationship, things can work out better :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,


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