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This question is so important to the #freshlymarried perspective! I believe that our daily positive actions add up to create a strong marriage, and asking ourselves this question can help us do that.

For those of you wondering what the word “fresh” has to do with my overall marriage message, you can read more here :) But using a quick example: when restaurants have items specifically made fresh that day and not days earlier, that’s a restaurant you want to eat at, right? Typically, food that is eaten right after it has been made is the best time to eat it (unless you’re the cold pizza type… EW!) It’s enticing because the word fresh” evokes the thought of great quality

So if you want your marriage to have that same great quality, try and do something daily for your spouse or marriage as a whole — no matter how little! Even with the most hectic schedules, there are so many possibilities of little things you can say or do.

Because this question means so much to my message, every “Wife Life is the Best Life” t-shirt purchase in my Etsy shop comes with this print for you to put somewhere as a reminder :)

Keepin' marriage fresh,

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